Anne Emily Kingsbury (1943 - )

Birth date: 1943 Death date:  
Birth location: Oak Park, IL Death location:  
Media: Mixed Media Web site:
None. -

Library Items

These are the library items for this artist.

Title Shelf # Media
The Aesthetic Excursion: Artists Look At Travel & Transportation W 707.4 Wus 1989 Exhibition Catalog
Just Add Water: Artists and the Aqueous World W 707.4 Wus j 1996 Exhibition Catalog
Pets Artists and an American Obsession W 707.4 Wus 1993 Exhibition Catalog
Wisconsin Craft Masters W 745 Wis c Book
Dress Up! Artists Adress Clothing and Self Adornment W 707.4 Wus Exhibition Catalog
Who Knows Where or When: Artists Interpret Time and Place W 707.4 Wus Exhibition Catalog
A Modern Bestiary & Going to the Dogs W 707.4 Wus Exhibition Catalog
Food, Glorious Food: Artists and Eating W 707.4 Wus Exhibition Catalog
In the Beginning was the Word-text as the Subject in Art W 707.4 Wus Exhibition Catalog
Wisconsin State Fair Festival of the Arts 1963 W 707.4 WSF 1963 Exhibition Catalog
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