Mini Masters 

Third Tuesdays | 10:00–10:45 or 11:00–11:45
Children under five and their caregivers can make art together, explore a work of art, and enjoy story time.
Mini Masters (Infant–5 years)
Third Tuesdays | 10:00–10:45 or 11:00–11:45

Young artists and their caregivers are invited to discover MOWA's galleries, then create an art project to take home! Each month is different, so come often. 
Free for MOWA members

March 20
Theme: Mistakes Happen
Art: The Flagellants by Carl von Marr
Book: Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg
Art Project: Ink Blot Creatures
Dress up in mix and match clothing!

April 17

Theme: Winter into Spring
Artist: Dan Gerhartz
Book: Gertie the Duck
Project: Duck Finger Puppet

May 15
Theme: Ride to MOWA 
Art: Trek Bikes
Book: Duck on a Bike
Project: Sewing Bike Wheels
Wear your helmet!                          

June 19
Theme: Block Printing
Artist: Jenie Gao
Book: Are you my mother? 
Project: 3D flying bird

July 17
Theme: Self-Portraits 
Artist: Joseph Friebert
Book: Caps for Sale, The Cat in the Hat
Project: Paper Hats
Wear your favorite hat!

August 21
Theme: MOWA Camp
Artist: Tom Uttech
Book: Camping
Project: Hand Print Campfire 
Bring your sleeping bag and let’s make s’mores!

Image for Mini Masters (Infant–5 years)Image for Mini Masters (Infant–5 years)

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