Grandparents Day 

Better Together 
Saturday, September 9 | 11:00–2:00
Book Reading: 12:30

In celebration of national Grandparent’s Day, Cedarburg author Barbara Joosse, who has written nearly 50 children’s books, visited the studio! Her latest book, Better Together: A Book of Family, is co-authored with her daughter Anneke Lisberg. The book inspired the theme for Studio Saturday. Family and friends stopped by for art making, a book reading and signing by Joosse, and cider and doughnuts. 

Free for MOWA Members  
Walk-ins welcome

About the Book
In Better Together: A Book of Family, each spread starts with a single animal, all alone. Then a gatefold opens to reveal that the single animal is actually one of many animals working together to comfort, feed, and protect one another. At the end, we see how human families come together in similar ways to care for their little ones. Careful readers will be delighted to see that every animal mentioned in the book is hidden somewhere in the last image. The final spread offers interesting facts about the animals in the book, including the collective nouns for each. Jared Andrew Schorr’s bright, lively cut-paper illustrations and an unexpected freshness round out a very satisfying package.