Current Exhibitions 

Joseph Friebert: A Life in Art

August 11–October 7, 2018
Image for Joseph Friebert: A Life in Art Joseph Friebert, Back Alley, Oil on Masonite, 1939, Gift of the Kohler Foundation Inc.
Called one of Wisconsin’s greatest “living treasures” by the late James Auer, Milwaukee Journal art critic, Joseph Friebert (1908–2002) enjoyed a long and distinguished career, becoming one of the state’s leading artists and a beloved and influential teacher. 

Friebert’s art reflects an overriding concern for the human condition. The figures in his often dimly lit Social Realist compositions of the late 1930s and 1940s—whether behind bars, in line-ups, picking coal, or walking city streets—seem stoic and melancholy. To enhance the pensive mood of his work, Friebert developed a form of “indirect painting,” adopting Old Master techniques involving the layering of pigments and glazes. This brooding quality is also found in his land- and cityscapes of the period. 

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David R. Harper: A Fear of Unknown Origin

August 11–December 30, 2018
Image for David R. Harper: A Fear of Unknown Origin
Comprised of seventy-two ceramic sculptures of animal heads glazed in various hues of blue, A Fear of Unknown Origin is inspired by two things that seem completely unrelated. The first inspiration comes from the cyanometer, an esoteric tool alpinists used to measure distance by the shades of the sky. The second is the idiom “Entre le Chien et le Loup” (between the dog and the wolf), which describes the effects of dusk and being unable to differentiate between friend or foe. Harper’s installation unifies the two with a gradual gradient of blue and a corresponding range of expressions, from smiles to snarls.

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150th Anniversary Exhibition

May 24–September 26, 2018
Image for 150th Anniversary Exhibition
Celebrate 150 years of compassion and enriching the lives of Saint John’s residents through a special exhibition of videos, photographs, and stories highlighting the past, present, and extraordinary future that lies ahead.

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