Fred Stonehouse: The Promise of Distant Things September 26, 2015–January 17, 2016
    Image for Fred Stonehouse: The Promise of Distant ThingsFred Stonehouse, Marschmeister, Acrylic on panel, 2011, Lent by the Collection of Geoffrey Yeomans and Bruce McKeefry

    Image for Fred Stonehouse: The Promise of Distant ThingsAlready Gone, 2001, Acrylic on panel, Lent by Josh and Katie Howard
    Fred Stonehouse’s paintings are instantly recognizable. Each caricature-cum-dreamscape is simultaneously maudlin, whimsical, shocking but distinctly Stonehouse-esque. Stonehouse’s work puzzles and intrigues and is not easy, but that is because his mind is like a big sponge wrapped in sticky flypaper. All manner of disparate people, places, artwork, literature, and experiences get stuck in his brain and are absorbed and tumbled around in his dreams. Then they find form in his paintings. The Promise of Distant Things is a major retrospective of Stonehouse’s work, taking visitors into the artist’s psyche and asking them to share their own surreal subconscious stories with the world.

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    Opening Party
    Saturday, September 26 | 1:00–4:00
    Embark on a journey through Fred Stonehouse’s bizarre and beautiful dreams at the opening reception for The Promise of Distant Things. Snag your own Stonehouse temporary tattoo while enjoying live music and refreshments. And meet several of Fred’s former students—each with their own unique aesthetic--as we concurrently celebrate the opening of Out of Madison.

    Meet the Artist
    Thursday, October 1 | 6:30 
    Fred Stonehouse is one of the leading neo-surrealists in the US. His work is enchanting, puzzling, and filled with dark humor. Visitors are invited to gather amidst Stonehouse’s fantastical creations while the artist shares stories from his life and discusses the motivation behind his work.

    Guided Exhibition Tours
    Thursday, October 1 | 5:45
    Thursday, October 22 | 5:45

    THREE + and FOWA members can enjoy a guided tour of our newest exhibitions. Walk-ins welcome

    Enjoy the Book
    In conjunction with the exhibition, MOWA is publishing a full-color catalogue featuring a variety of works from The Promise of Distant Things. The book will be available as a FREE download through or may be purchased in print form at the MOWA Shop.